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1-Click Social Plugin

So Get the 1-Click Social Plugin Today & Fix All Your Posts, Pages & Social Content in just 10 seconds...

1-Click Social Plugin – Facebook Just Broke Over 20 Million WordPress Sites Here’s How You Can Fix Your Site  in just 10 seconds. All the social content embedded from Facebook and Instagram on all wordpress sites has VANISHED from those sites on Oct 24th, 2020.

1-Click Social Plugin

Facebook has provided a way to fix this issue for all websites and this is how you can do it by yourself…

  •  Create to Facebook as a Developer.
  • Create an App for Facebook with specific details.
  • Get an Authorization Token from Facebook.
  • Copy the App ID and Secret Key into your Site.
  • Get all your content & social links back on your site.

How long does this process take?

If you are a tech savvy person it will take you about 20 minutes to do this. If you are not a technical person, it can take you upto 1 hour per site. And you need to do this for EVERY SITE you have.

So imagine doing all the steps above and spending 1 hour per site. But that is not the only way to do this. We saw this whole issue and decided to create a much faster, simpler way to do this and fix all your sites in a much easier way…

The fastest way to fix your site in just 10 seconds.

All you need to do is…

1. Login to Your WordPress Site

2. Install the 1-Click Social Plugin

3. Login to FB via your Site & it’s DONE

All your social content starts showing again. All your social traffic starts flowing again. All your missing images & videos on your posts and pages come back. And your site is as good as new again. This is the fastest way to fix the Facebook & Instagram content issue on yours site.

1-Click Social Plugin Features

Fixes Your Site FAST – in just 10 seconds
Sure you can fix your site manually too but that will take you upto 1 hour per site in doing so, do you really want to spend that much time on each site?

That’s 20 hours if you have to fix 20 sites. This plugin does it in 10 sec.

Stop ALL Your Social Content from Disappearing
Facebook has already broken 20 million sites and all social content, embeds, videos, FB posts and instagram photos from those sites have vanished, you need to stop this from happening on your site and fix it asap.

Brings Back Unlimited Social Content, Videos
& Images on all your WordPress Pages & Posts.
Bring back all the content that has disappeared from your posts & pages. This plugin does it for your entire site in 1-Click without needing you to fix it one by one for each post or page. This is ridiculously fast.

Fixes Facebook & Instagram Content for WP
Works for both Facebook and Instagram content at the same time, you will not have to do this again and again – just do it once and your site will be fixed for good.

All your FB & Insta posts, images and videos will show up again.

No Manual Work at all – Save HOURS of Time.
There is no learning curve, no technical mumbo jumbo, even a 5 year old can do this and fix your wordpress site in just 1-Click. If you know the basics of wordpress, you can use this plugin to fix all your social content fast.

Stop Losing Social TRAFFIC – Fix Your Site Now
All your social content is GONE, with that all the social traffic that was coming from those posts is gone too. You need to bring that back and stop losing all your social traffic. This plugin will fix that for you in just 10 seconds.

Download This Plugin Today & Install it on your site.

In just 10 seconds, everything will be fixed & as good as new.

1-Click Social Plugin

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