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Hello everybody this is Andrew vigour I just desired to make a fast video simply to show persons how they are able to downgrade their WordPress very very quickly and conveniently now this came about due to the fact optimized press theme after my alleged to came out and truly it had a bug the place folks could not post graphics or they couldn’t post videos onto their templates and it used to be a clash with the brand new WordPress 3.6 that came out now it got me to considering you know what yeah as a substitute than sitting around waiting for plug-in updates to be brought out you recognize what can anyone do to be able to get downgrade so I appeared into it and i discovered the quickest and simplest means and i thought i would share that with you today in order that means if you’re ever in a situation the place a new version of a theme or a plug-in comes out and it breaks given that of you already know WordPress this is a manner which you can just take it a step back and scan it with out clearly dangerous your website so I’ve received a test weblog right here with optimized press to established and as one can find right here it is currently got three.5 – so I’ve definitely downgraded it now i will go ahead and upgrade it to the cutting-edge version now i’ve intentionally mounted optimized press 2.01 which had the trouble with WordPress 3.6 so in actual fact through having this these two combos 3.6 and a pair of.0 factor 1 optimized press i would have that unable to paste worm now that aside there are different issues that have a tendency to interrupt over time so this once more is a rapid approach of fixing that so we have now acquired WordPress 3.6 on this website now and although there is a new variant of optimize press 2.0 factor 4 which fixes this three point 6 worm you under no circumstances know how they how matters are going to be you already know WordPress updates they have got every day builds and updates and everything like that so tips on how to downgrade it when you’ve gone ahead and upgraded and you ought to go back a step go to wordpress.Org downloads and you can to find the common today’s variation over right here however if you happen to come over to the left-hand facet and go all the way down to a liberate archive which you can sincerely get access to each version of WordPress that’s ever come out including the very first so we will scroll the entire way right down to three.6 today’s three.Fifty two is the certainly the one before that now 3.52 work to treat with optimize press to so that you click zip and it is going to download that zip file to your hard drive then what you possibly can do is you may extract that and extract that zip file and you’ll end up with a directory structure like this so that you open that up now I’ve gone forward and linked to my site via FTP if you don’t know easy methods to FTP look there’s enormous quantities of tutorials available in the market i am simply going to take that you know the way at the least learn how to FTP to your own web site when you’ve received hosting you could possibly had been given FTP small print so which you can work that out on your own or there’s the vigor of YouTube the speedy method of downgrading your WordPress website is to log in to your website ensure it is your internet site and notice the WP admin WP includes folders these must be deleted all of those records here go away them on my own and wp-content folder go away that on my own this file in precise wp-config.Personal home page is likely one of the fundamental files to your WordPress with out it your WordPress won’t be able to talk to your database and you can lose everything so anything you do exactly leave these records by myself so what we will do is readily delete these two folders right here now after we now have deleted it we’re then going to interchange it with those two folders from a 3.Fifty two and we’re clearly going to upload all of these documents over the top now you can realize that WP config that essential file I mentioned it does not certainly come whilst you extract the zip file this file is made while you set up WordPress the primary time so that you go away that file alone and and we’ll go to it so what i’ll do is i am just going to pause this video and i’m going to delete this folder and this folder most effective so i am just going to pause this okay so by way of the magic of a Camtasia pause button I’ve gone forward and deleted those two folders so i’m left with WP content folder which has my topics plugins and all of the goodies that are plowed i am gonna say candies for individuals who are wanting the hack websites appear there may be nothing on there it’s a default web publication knock your self out and now what i’ll do is i’m going to pick all these folders over right here besides for WP content material and i am effectively just going to upload that over the top of this one right here so i’ll pause it again it can be bought about 893 files to upload you are with no trouble going to hit overwrite and go for it now as I stated there isn’t any wp-config.Hypertext Preprocessor over here and make sure you’re now not replacing that WP config file and you can be excellent to move so i’m going to pause this and i’m going to come back after this has all been uploaded and to interchange these documents right here ok so we’re close to carried out i am simply coming again right here it can be completing up the last of the files now and now it is replaced every single file except the wp-content folder and the WP config file everything else is very nearly straight out of that zip file so it’s all exchange the present site now we will come again to our internet site and i have not refreshed it but so it can be nonetheless saying three.6 at this point since now we have replaced the files on the server what you have got to do is both log in to your web site title forward cut down wp-admin as you more commonly would or in the event you’ve already logged in just click dashboard and on the way to take you to the same location and it is going to come again and it says that it has to replace the database on account that there is a new files and it can be detected that it can be like keep on we simply might do some tweaking so that you simply simply click on that button and and that’s ordinarily it you hit continue it says effectively updated that’s a first-rate factor and then it’ll log in and you are going to see that you’re now gone from WordPress 3.6 to wordpress 3.5 point 2 and and you already know that it can be worked another way that you realize this work is since it can be obtained this what I called the bastard bar the yellow bar up right here telling you hiya there’s an update that you can go forward and get it of course we already knew that that exact replace existed on account that we simply came from that nevertheless that is the quickest manner that you could downgrade your WordPress that that there is safely now a word on plugins some folks will say you ought to disable them first or else hell’s going to freeze over it is now not so bad when you forget to disable them that’s cool all you ought to do is go into your installed plugins choose all of your plugins go to disable or deactivate it will have to say hit apply after which it also lately and abled you simply re-enable them and by using activating after which undergo and that is it Bob’s your auntie what so that it will do is it’s going to refresh or reset the any settings that the plugins have but however doing it this fashion you won’t lose any of your settings so that’s an primary factor now all of the times that I’ve upgraded and downgraded WordPress on this manner i have never had any problems with plugins however i’m just saying in the market if it ever ever occurs then tried deactivating the plugins and then reactivating them now i hope this has helped you and and torture that it is honestly particularly effortless to downgrade or to upgrade WordPress as you see match so if down the track you have a plug-in or a theme considering the fact that what optimized press to is now additionally available in plug-in so that method which you can that you would be able to connect it to your present theme if any plugins or updates come out and it breaks together with your designated you understand the brand new WordPress breaks your website or anything like that you could at all times step it back this effectively by means of downloading the zip and again all you have got to do is delete the WP admin and WP involves folders simply delete those two do not delete something else and without problems add the rest to your server over the present files and Bob’s your ante it can be all just right i hope this has helped any questions comfortably put them down below and have a fine day thanks loads bye-bye

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