WordPress Child-Themes 1: What is a Theme

What is a wordpress theme the traditional internet website online contains a number of pages that can be selected by means of some menus the seem and believe of these pages which colours and font sizes are used and the look and conduct of the menus this all is a component of theme after the preliminary installation WordPress will spark off its default theme on this case with version 3.5 it can be a theme known as 2012 the energetic theme decides how the pages will seem like and how one of the most features will reply to person interaction for example which data entry fields you have got for the remark function and how they seem like additionally the identical is responsible for the appear and think on one of a kind devices for example the twenty twelve theme will provide yet another layout on smaller monitors that you simply find on smartphones should you verify out the reliable wordpress website you’re going to find over 1,seven-hundred topics you can download totally free after downloading a theme which you could install it either by uploading it by way of ftp all you can see and prefer it instantly in the admin field of your lifestyles wordpress installation a third option is to add the zip file that you have downloaded to your laptop in the WordPress backend after a theme is installed you simply have to activate it what is the WordPress baby theme a little one theme is clearly the identical as a theme the only difference is that it is headquartered on an existing theme if you wish to use a youngster theme you have to even have the mum or dad theme set up

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