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WP Smart Links Plugin

Don’t Settle For Just Recovering A Few Lost Sales - Instantly Make 10 Times The Sales & Profit With The World’s First Smart Bridge Link Service

WP Smart Links Plugin – WP Smart Links is the world’s first all-in-one link cloaker with powerful smart bridge technology that allows you easily make more sales with retargeting, while completely eliminating the risk of losing any commissions.

WP Smart Links Plugin

WP Smart Links Plugin

WP Smart Links Plugin

Use Your Own Domain
With WP Smart Links you will always use your own domain for your cloaked links. Your links will be pretty, inspire confidence and get a lot more clicks.

User Friendly WordPress Plugin
WP Smart Links is a super simple to use WordPress plugin that can be added to your site with a single click.

You don’t need any special tech skills or experience to use it and since it’s based on WP it will work on any computer, anywhere.

Manage All Your Links In One Place
With WP Smart links you will have all your cloaked links in one convenient place, right on your WordPress dashboard.

There is no longer a need to keep text files and spreadsheets or spending hours finding that one link you lost.

Change Your Links On The Fly

Affiliate programs change all the time, offers expire and sites go down.

With WP Smart Link it’s super easy to instantly change your link and send your traffic to another site. This means you will never waste traffic and miss out on sales again!

Completely Eliminate Theft
We will naturally fully cloak your links all the way to the destination. This completely negates browser switching, eliminates affiliates theft and ensures that you get paid for every sales, every time!

Dodge The Spam Filters
You will be the only person sending out emails promoting links on your domains. This greatly reduces the risk of getting blacklisted as spam and it will increase your views, clicks and sales

Avoid The Ban Hammer
The same goes for social media… posting links for your own domain greatly lowers the risk of your affiliate links being banned or removed.

Even better… our smart bridge technology has been specifically designed with social media in mind, ensuring that your links can be shared on social media without ever being blocked!

WordPress Plugin Features

But Why Settle For Saving A Few Sales. When WP Smart Links Can Make You Thousands Of Dollars In Extra Commissions With Zero Extra Effort

We have saved the absolute best feature for last. It’s groundbreaking, you have never seen this before… and the potential is HUGE! WP Smart Links Allows You To Put A Pixel On ANY Affiliate link!

Our revolutionary smart bridge technology allows you to assign a pixel to any link… even affiliate links. The smart bridge will load this pixel first, before sending the visitor on to the destination link.

You could use a tracking pixel to gain valuable insights into your traffic. Even better you could use a Facebook Pixel. Start retargeting people who have clicked your affiliate links with Facebook ads. Retargeting ads are dirt cheap often costing $0.01 per click and your sales and profit will shoot through the roof.

The people who click your links are your most valuable visitors and subscribers and you want as many of them as you can get. Use the Facebook pixel to build a custom audience of them and use Facebook to find lookalike audiences and grow your sales exponentially!

These are just two of the many extremely profitable ways you can take advantage of the smart bridge and pixel technology in WP Smart Links Plugin. And this feature alone is worth thousands of dollars in extra sales… and you won’t find it anywhere else!

WP Smart Links Is Perfect For

Hunting down and changing affiliate links on multiple posts can be a pain. With the WP Smart Links plugin you can change multiple links in second, straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Affiliate Marketers
WP Smart Links ensures that your links will be seen and clicked on social media and from emails. It will increase your sales and commissions and the smart bridge pixel will take your affiliate marketing to the next.

Nothing is more disheartening than staring at the zero sales stats when you are starting out. WP Smart Links maximizes your chance or making a sales and makes sure you get paid every time – so you can get the good start we wish we had.

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